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we breathe utility.

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We are creating a digital world like no other. Developing dApps and creating solutions is our way to expand the Empire and climb to the top.

Hold the ambitious and transparent Empire Token



Buy, sell and trade NFTs on the most diversified Market.



The easiest way to trade and track crypto. Not only can you get started with trading right away, but you can also benefit from hosting tokens on our platform—making Empire DEX an all-in-one solution.


Empire Pay

We’re developing a way to merge both the real and crypto-world on one easy-to-use, inclusive and secure payment system.


Unlimited paths

Our mission is to generate dozens of solutions, making Empire Token even more valuable and competitive everyday.

Why Empire

We are an ever-growing community centered on making cryptocurrency even more utile.  A Token like no other on the BSC, we follow tirelessly our Roadmap to the top.


We take our business extremely seriously. We are fully responsible and accountable in front of our shareholders, our team, our users and followers alike. We believe in responsible growth, that benefits everyone: our shareholders, our employees, our users, our followers as well as the crypto and decentralized worlds overall.


From the get go, we’ve been quite clear and transparent, and this is intrinsic to our DNA and who we are. We believe compromising honesty hurts everyone. We will always be fully transparent with our shareholders, users, employees and followers.


You cannot grow without being adaptable and agile. We understand that every project faces challenges, but survival and growth belong to the fastest to embrace, adapt and pivot.

Ferocious Growth

With our motto “Keep Climbing”, it is clear that our appetite for growth is insatiable. It takes this mindset to build an empire. In fact, without this, nothing worthy has ever been achieved.Our empire will expand every single day.

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our founder

Abdullah, or Dulla as he likes to be called, is the founder and CEO of Empire. His work experience talks for itself. His more than 10 years experience with marketing, and 5 years of experience managing digital communications for one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world led him to explore different paths and ideas about how we relate with the digital changes and how we can seize the opportunities brought by the Blockchain technology. His personal goal is to expand Empire's ideals and keep on creating solutions for the modern economic needs, beginning on the BSC.

Abdullah 'Dulla' Ghandour

Founder and CEO of Empire