Which Countries Used Cryptocurrency the Most in 2022?

Although everyone has access to cryptocurrency in theory, some countries are more excited than others about digital assets. Understanding which nations use cryptocurrencies the most could help understand how adoption of crypto is growing. Let’s dive in. Which countries use the most crypto? Tracking crypto in every country is challenging, but blockchain analytics firms like …

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Empire Token

Will Crypto Explode?

The most thrilling aspect of investing in cryptocurrencies is watching their value soar when they explode. The year 2022 hasn’t exactly been as successful. Crypto entered a market crash, and the prices of the majority of the leading coins dropped sharply. However, historically the market has recovered.  Cryptocurrency investments had begun with a few experienced …

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DeFi Lending

How DeFi Lending Works?

With the rise of DeFi, the chances of using blockchain technology in the creation of financial applications have improved. DeFi, or decentralized finance, has recently attracted a lot of attention because it has raised enormous sums of money for numerous businesses.  Offering crypto loans on a decentralized platform is the core concept behind deFi lending. …

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