DeFi Lending

How DeFi Lending Works?

With the rise of DeFi, the chances of using blockchain technology in the creation of financial applications have improved. DeFi, or decentralized finance, has recently attracted a lot of attention because it has raised enormous sums of money for numerous businesses.  Offering crypto loans on a decentralized platform is the core concept behind deFi lending. …

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Security Concerns in the DeFi World

By having DeFi as an alternative to a centralized system, the world is moving towards achieving decentralized power, backed by high-tech blockchain. With each passing day, people are pouring their money into cryptocurrencies to have more financial liberty. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, a secure digital ledger that records crypto transactions. However, crypto investments are …

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What is Crypto Bearish Market?

There won’t be many happy faces in the cryptocurrency community during a bear market. No trader’s cryptocurrency portfolio is increasing at the moment unless they are shorting cryptocurrencies. A bear market will cause many people’s crypto assets to lose some of their purchasing power. What is a bear market? This could be a straightforward definition …

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Why DeFi Matter?

Why DeFi Matters?

DeFi has generated a lot of hype, buzz, scepticism, confusion, and excitement at the same time. Decentralized finance, or “DeFi,” is the ecosystem of blockchain-enabled goods and services that substitute freely available, autonomous, and transparent software for traditional financial intermediaries.  The features and advantages of DeFi should be described since business owners, executives from corporations, …

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