Complete Guide to Social Investing & the Future Incentives

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Introduction: What is Social Investing?

The modern investment structure can be traced back to 1600. Amsterdamse Börse, which opened in 1602, and is often called the first stock exchange, but there is still earlier evidence of investment initiatives. The Hammurabi Code, dated around 1700 BC, provides a legal framework for investment.

The first people to enter into investment cooperation can be traced back to the first days of formal investment. Still, there is a revolution never seen before, where like-minded people can invest in the same asset, or experienced people can easily, and within the law, influence how new investors do their trading. 

Social investing combines an investing platform with a social network to form an interactive community of players, allowing people who share the same vision and goals to invest confidently by utilizing the numerous engaging resources available.

Social Investing Benefits for Future Generations

What is your attention span? Research shows that if you’re older than 30, you are much more likely to focus on a single task, for longer periods of time, than a 19-year-old.

In fact, the very devices we use for making our daily lives and jobs easier have an enormous impact on our attention deficit. It is estimated that from the year 2000 to 2015, the average attention span went down from 12 seconds to 8,5 seconds…

Just for comparison, the attention span of a Goldfish is about  9 seconds. Although some scientists don’t agree with current attention span research, it is scary to think that we can actually have an attention span shorter than a fish! But you might be asking yourself what it has to do with investing, right? A famous phenomenon has immersed itself in the crypto world in recent years, and it can be very dangerous.

People who have no connections and follow FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) are much more likely to give up their positions when they encounter any adversity in their portfolio, and in many cases this can be fatal to the career of any beginning investor.

How Blockchain and DeFiGram.io can Improve Social Investing?

Social investing has been around for a while now. However, the advent of blockchain technology has opened new doors to the world of social investing. Blockchain is a platform that has emerged from this technological revolution. 

Blockchain is a decentralized medium that records data on a shared ledger that is accessible to all parties in the network. It ensures transparency and security for all parties involved in the process.  Decentralized financial technology, which is the platform that supports the process of social investing, is a form of finance.

The only difference is that this type of finance exists collectively with individuals or businesses creating their own rules and governing themselves in regards to how they want to run their operations. It eliminates reliance on traditional banks as intermediaries for loans and money transfers.

DeFiGram.io operates on a peer-to-peer basis with no central authority, meaning it is entirely decentralized and self-governing. It allows new financial instruments to be created that do not exist in traditional finance. This includes IDO investing, crypto staking, and crypto-related social trading activities. The platform creates significant opportunities for beginner investors to be educated in a hands-on way, with the help of more experienced investors, who are also there to answer investors’ questions. 

Why DeFiGram.io should be the Future of Financial Infrastructure?

DeFiGram.io allows users to interact with other investors in a safe, ethical and professional manner. Investors can also find mentors and connect with others who share their interests. DeFiGram.io provides investment opportunities on crypto assets that have been vetted (audited) by experts and professionals in the field.

The blockchain-powered platform offers its users a safe, secure, and transparent means of investing in crypto-assets and shares. The cryptocurrency market is an increasingly competitive market with predatory players at every turn. DeFiGram.io provides potential investors with the opportunity to interact with professionals in a safe, ethical manner. 

No one can underestimate the power of security social investing meeting decentralized Blockchain technology. DeFiGram.io will be the standard for applications that provide this kind of solution and its pioneer technology a benchmark for future Web3 applications.