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We’re guessing you’ve already heard of Empire Token’s newest use case. That’s right! It’s! Empire’s founder and CEO Abdullah Ghandour, fondly known as Dulla, introduced the app last March 24, 2022 at the World Blockchain Summit. If you haven’t seen the recap of the presentation, you may watch it here. may have captivated your interest with its asset tracking and wallet features, but don’t get too carried away! We are working hard to ensure that the Community Management section meets all of your needs.

Community Management App’s Features

DeFiGram’s Community Management App section integrates the best communication features from social apps such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook into a multichain DEX, portfolio tracker, and even a DApp Store. Let’s take a closer look at the game-changing Community Management features of the app here. was created with DeFi projects and communities in mind. It enables users to interact with DeFi projects and communities with our Community Management section. Users can log in to and select between two account types: users and projects.

The language of user accounts is English by default, but you can change it to Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Thai, Filipino, and Japanese, among others. You can begin working on your projects and collaborating with other users with a new account. 

A Project Profile contains all relevant project information, such as the Project Description, Launch Details, Contract Address, Price, and Market Cap, among other important project details. Once all of this information has been verified, the project is eligible for a blue tick, indicating that the team has confirmed the project’s veracity with its developers. All of this information is available in the Project Profile and the main project chat.

Each project will have its own unique main chat room where users can discuss and exchange project-related information and questions they have in mind. Projects can also create custom channels and implement custom buttons and bots, such as price bots and other bots. In fact, the amount of customization available is mind-boggling.

Users can find the project news on their profile feed, in addition to the project chats. During this session, the project team can update users via posts, similar to the Facebook feed.

You may begin to understand what we mean when we say the future of social media now that you have a general idea of what proposes as a Community Management App.

We are working hard to take the most useful part of every popular social media platform. What we want is to reduce the number of apps you use on a regular basis, both in terms of wallets, tracking, chart watching, and sending tweets, posting news, and connecting with your community. 


While incorporating every useful feature of popular apps, we remain original and unique in our approach to making everything easier for projects and the DeFi community. Many features, such as main chat rooms, custom channels, custom buttons and bots, and Project Information sections, have been designed.

It brings the integration that everyone has been waiting for, combining social media interactions with the ability to invest in, buy, or sell multi-chain assets all in one location. In fact, the capabilities that will bring to the DeFi space will be unrivaled by any currently available application.

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