Set to Change the DeFi Landscape

Grow the Empire

It is still early days for the cryptocurrency industry. There is still a lot to learn, and this will spur more people’s interest in the subject. It still has a long way to go before becoming widely accepted on a worldwide scale. It is a high-potential industry, and you are the early adopters, that much is certain. 

You may utilize DeFi and Web3 before anyone else. You can save all of your projects in one place and stay in the loop on upcoming Google, Amazon, and Meta launches. will prove to be the best platform for you. has a Mascot Now

The mascot has been presented to you over the previous two weeks. You may have noticed that it now has a name that is official. Nova! 

She will soon be featured on all of our fliers, stickers, and apps. Watch this space for additional information on how to get your hands on her! Features

As things stand, our entire community will eventually be able to download and utilize the initial version of, which will have the following features prepared:

Account Configuration

  • Onboarding using a phone number
  • OTP authentication
  • Profile setup
  • Suggested groups after account creation
  • Forgot password Single

User Chat

  • Send text messages
  • Share media (photos, videos, location, music, contacts, and documents)
  • Active status
  • Mood status
  • Search chat
  • Pin message
  • Reply to message
  • Forward message
  • Favorite message
  • Copy message
  • Edit message
  • Delete message
  • Delete chat thread
  • Notifications
  • Add contacts
  • Report user 
  • Block user
  • URL sharing

Group Chat

  • Create groups
  • Send text messages
  • Group member count
  • Music
  • Location
  • Voice
  • Forward Chat
  • Search Chat
  • Add Member
  • Contact Sharing
  • Copy Chat
  • Edit Chat

User Profile

  • Update profile image
  • Update about me section

The App Store and Google Play will soon offer this version of the app. We have gathered every need, and we are now optimizing the app to make sure it complies with store criteria.

Functionality of 

Users can trade, keep, and track assets on a single platform. They can interact with other DeFi members and view charts. The existing trading system is fragmented, which is not practical. Keeping track of numerous websites, accounts, and assets is challenging. There ought to be a more efficient way to do everything in one location, and promises to deliver just that. Whatever your goals are—whether it’s to become a millionaire or simply to showcase as a hobby—you can make as much NFT art as you like. everything you require to educate, communicate, and learn.

In order to best serve DeFi projects and communities, was designed. Using a single, user-friendly interface, it enables users to communicate with DeFi initiatives and communities. Just now, let’s look at some exciting services.


Every pertinent piece of information about a project is included in a project profile, including Project Description, Launch Details, Token Ticker, Contract Address, Price, Price Bot, Market Cap, Supply, Number of holders, Price Chart, Project’s Website, Social Contacts, and Blockchain Explorer Link.


Explore the world of cryptocurrency apps with a fresh, comprehensive perspective. The dApp Store has apps that have received community approval. Numerous NFT games and other decentralized platforms are available at the DApp Store. Without using Google or other websites, you may explore and filter dApps based on your needs. We provide you the ideal fusion of ease and security. 

Browse hand-selected high level DApps from A to Z to meet all the needs of contemporary DeFi users. You will find integrated, community-tested DeFi solutions for your accessibility and profitability within each app in your DApp spaces.


Users of can keep their NFTs, tokens, and cryptocurrencies in the website’s built-in wallet. now supports other wallets like MetaMask and TrustWallet for individuals who prefer utilizing an external wallet. will incorporate Goosebumps’ DEX so that users can buy and trade tokens swiftly, securely, and conveniently inside the app. 

Cross-chain transactions are possible on Goosebumps DEX, which simplifies the process of moving tokens between networks. Users that possess Empire Token with the intention of generating passive revenue can stake their $EMPIRE and farm tokens from other projects using the Staking Platform.

The ability to buy USDT within the app with a credit card and use it to buy tokens on the DEX is an additional fantastic feature. A complete description of each transaction completed on is available on the Portfolio Tracking tab, and all transactions are automatically transferred to the user’s preferred wallet. Users can also access immediate charts outlining whatever token they desire, as well as track the status of their entire portfolio, gains and losses, transactions, and fees paid.


The DeFi Project Tracking section gives users quick access to the most crucial data from the most successful and unsuccessful projects, as well as the most popular and recently added projects. Users may also filter projects by network or category. Within the app, you can also get helpful information on these initiatives.

Users can use the Launchpad to make an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) and generate money for development to launch a new project. One distinctive feature that provides for project developers is the ability to use the Launchpad to allow holders of existing tokens to either claim tokens from the new contract or lock it in for a period of time to earn additional bonuses. This is useful for already launched projects that want to migrate to a new contract or bridge to another network.

Final Talk

An Empire Token project called aims to give DeFi users a comprehensive answer for all of their problems. Over 20,000 people presently own Empire Token, and the community is vibrant and engaged. You can visit to learn more about it and can post questions in the official Empire Token group on Telegram.