Digital Arts as Instagram NFTs

Grow the Empire

Instagram is a name familiar to masses around the globe, an app for image content creation. In other words, Instagram is a platform for digital arts. In the crypto world, non-fungible tokens are digital arts. However, NFTs are not just confined to the digital arts but it has expanded to other fields such as copyrights of books, music, and sports. The most popular among these areas is social media. 



Social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat play a crucial role in NFT marketing. The world is globally connected and one can easily show his piece of artwork through social media via these applications. This leads to more demand and a large number of followers on a particular medium. Although the process is lengthy from ideas visibility to sales conversion, ultimately it happens. Instagram In particular plays an important role in the promotion of NFTs through the process of online branding. 

The significance of Instagram regarding NFTs

Before we jump into Instagram NFTs, let’s first understand how Instagram promotes NFTs? The answer lies in the fact that images on Instagram range from computer-assisted or photoshopped images to aesthetic photography. Artists on Instagram directly communicate with their followers from anywhere in the world. Moreover, the app is featured with showing recommendations, relevant hashtags, etc.

Instagram Reels, Stories, and Highlights provide advanced features for making NFTs. These features project exciting ways with which a cryptocurrency can be promoted. For now, few Instagram communities solely focus on promoting non-fungible tokens. There is a huge scope for this market to grow

The upcoming feature of NFT on Instagram

Based on the fact that Instagram is the prominent social platform for promoting NFTs, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri in December 2021, pitched his plan of introducing NFT functionality directly into its system. The official statement is yet to be announced, however, one thing is sure the future of Instagram culminates in NFT. Moreover, in March 2022 Mark Zuckerberg conveyed his message to viewers that they are working on bringing NFTs to Instagram in the near term.

Mark Zuckerberg is passionate about Metaverse and NFTs are the basic part of the metaverse system. Therefore, NFTs on Instagram were an inevitable reality. He’s mentioned that he sees a lot of potential for directly minting a metaverse avatar’s clothing as an NFT. This innovation provides the metaverse users an entirely new option to take digital clothing between different metaverse implementations or services. Each newly designed avatar will be a unique digital piece of art and that is how Instagram will be a convenient platform for marketing and creating NFTs.