Empire NFT Marketplace Offers Unique Digital Collectibles

Grow the Empire

The Empire NFT Marketplace is full of new, groundbreaking collectibles that are only available on our platform. We’ll tell you a bit about the most popular and innovative collections on display.

Some of the fascinating concepts used by the talented NFT artists who publish their work on our platform are not seen anywhere other than the Empire NFT Marketplace. So, let’s get to know some of the most exciting collections that we have available.

Szelight: A Shed of Light into the Darkness

JuanSzela is an NFT artist who has a fascination with the way ideas come into existence. Sometimes good ideas come out of nowhere, at the least expected moments. They appear as glimpses into the darkness of the unconscious, illuminating the most hidden recesses, where the great solutions to the world’s problems are found.

JuanSzela’s first NFT collection brings some cute spotlights to life. A good idea is the basis of any artistic project, the ideas represented on this occasion by light bulbs are the gateway to multiple universes that we will discover over time. We’re sure it’s a great idea to take a look at this collection of NFTs that is only available in the Empire NFT Marketplace.

Szelight is available at: https://nft.empiretoken.world/collectable/szelight

Mushroom Family: A Family that Grew out of Shade

Just as good ideas arise, a mushroom family is growing in the Empire NFT Marketplace. The artwork is simply phenomenal, with an aesthetic reminiscent of the dark and humid environment in which mushrooms grow.

The Mushroom Family already has several members, among them “Strange”, a mushroom that does not speak and about which no one knows much. There is also “Granpa”, the wisest of all, whose experience and advice serve as a guide for the other members. These are just some of the members of the Mushroom Family, you can find them all in the Empire NFT Marketplace. Check it out!

Mushroom Family is available at: https://nft.empiretoken.world/collectable/mushroom-family

Kitty Series: Fluffy 3D Pixels Kitties are Waiting for You

Everybody loves cats and that is a fact. They are cute and wonderful creatures with unique personalities. And now you can adopt your own kitten through the Kitty Series initiative at the Empire NFT Marketplace, which is bringing cute kittens into the NFT world.

We are sure you will fall in love with the kittens available in the Empire NFT Marketplace, they come in a variety of colors and breeds. Their artwork is like nothing we have ever seen before. They are wonderfully sweet and are in need of an owner who will give them affection and attention. Visit the Empire NFT Marketplace and choose a kitten to call your own!

Kitty Series is available at: https://nft.empiretoken.world/collectable/kitty-series

Baby Dragons: Rare Cool Dragons Bravely Protecting Their Lands

Baby Dragons is a very rare collection, it is so rare that only 6 Baby Dragons will ever be minted. They are powerful dragons whose goal is to protect their lands from the various threats that frequently arise in their universe.

The art is simply amazing, blending from cultural elements to forces of nature, as in the case of Baby Mexican Dragon, a dragon beloved by all, who wears a beautiful sombrero and likes to smoke cigarettes once in a while.

There is also the Baby Snow Dragon, which is a cool dragon that loves ice and lives in the snow kingdom. You really should see them at the Empire NFT Marketplace and get your own Baby Dragon before it is too late.

Baby Dragons are available at: https://nft.empiretoken.world/collectable/baby-dragons

There is still much more

As we said, these are just some of the collections available in the Empire NFT Marketplace, but there are many more that are just as amazing as the ones we have just shown you. See for yourself the wonderful collections we have in our marketplace by visiting https://nft.empiretoken.world/