Community Call

Empire Token: Community Call with Founder & CEO Dulla – October 18, 2022

Grow the Empire

Empire Token’s Founder and CEO Abdullah Ghandour, popularly known as Dulla, recently held a community call session where he updated about the ongoing developments and timeline of the upcoming projects and answered some of the most anticipated questions poised by the community members. Let’s dive into the details of all that is happening behind the scenes at Empire Token. The community call was divided into the following portions:


  • Development Updates
  • Contract Migration Fundraising
  • Question and Answer Session 

Development Updates

Contract Migration

The team behind Empire Token is in the works to get the contract migration done at the earliest. The main objective of this migration process is to revise our smart contract hereby eliminating wallet transfers. Thus, users can farm, stake, and withdraw money without tax. However, the process is taking a bit too long but once it is done, it will unblock many obstacles that the project is currently facing. The expected cost for contract change is almost $70,000. The next challenge is to generate funds for the contract migration.

Big Centralized Exchange Listings

The Empire team is currently working on three big initiatives. One of them is to get Empire Token listed on big exchanges for the project and token’s broader audience reach. Definitely, patience is required because a lot of funds and effort are needed to do the listings. Some processes needed for listings have been paid for, but there are further processes that most likely require expense. Things are moving in the right direction, but with the bearish market, each step is to be taken with a lot of caution and care for the betterment of the holders and the company alike.


Goosebumps DEX Launch

Goosebumps, Empire’s decentralized exchange, is ready to be launched. However, the contract migration needs to be done first before launching the DEX, or any other pending launches for that matter.

Empire’s core use case,, is under closed beta testing phase wherein a group of trusted community members participate in the testing of the app’s APK. Being a community-driven project, our number one priority is to value the feedback of our users. The first beta APK was shared with the testers last October 15th. We expect to have the public beta release by mid November, which will include the basic chat features of the app.


It’s been a bit of a struggle to get off the ground, but we’re happy to say we’re making significant progress. The launch has been delayed because of some changes we made to the app’s design at the last minute, which was an additional time and expense. Despite this, we are happy with how the app is coming along and can’t wait for everyone to see it.


NFT Marketplace

The Empire NFT Marketplace is also ready to go. However, just like Goosebumps, the launch is on hold until the contract migration happens. Meanwhile, Empire’s goal of making its own decentralized wallet is under process. In the meantime, you can connect supported wallets including MetaMask to the marketplace. Eventually, our native wallet will be implemented into the marketplace as well.



Dulla believes that the launchpad is the “cash cow” for Empire. It is expected that the launchpad will not only generate funds but will also help bring in more users and traffic for other upcoming applications such as 

Contract Migration Fundraising

 As all launches are pending until we complete the contract migration, it is our utmost priority to get it done soonest. To speed up the whole process of the contract migration, our founder and CEO, Dulla, has decided to do a private sale for trusted community members in order to generate funds. The investors will have the incentive of tax-free transactions along with additional 20 percent of Empire tokens. However, the tokens will not be sent until after the contract migration and may be vested for a period of time depending on how much funds we raise.


This offer is exclusive to our community members who have shown unwavering support for our project. If you are interested, please send Lyka (lyka_c) a message on Telegram.


Question & Answer Session

After chalking out all the necessary updates, Dulla opened the house for the much-anticipated question and answer session. Plenty of questions were put forth and hence we decided to feature some of the most important ones.

Will you repeat the whole development process of for iOS users just like Android users?

Yes, the iOS version of will be completed within two weeks’ time. Apple users can then try and provide us with their feedback. The final and official date of launch will be announced soon.

Why are you focusing on the Ethereum bridge?

There is an option of letting go off the Ethereum bridge. However, it is for the betterment of the whole community. The biggest benefit is that it will open up many new exchanges and opportunities for Empire.

How much do we need to raise for the contract migration process?

We need $70,000 for the contract migration and $30,000 for the market-making team. So a total of $100,000 is the amount that we need to raise.

Is this amount attainable for the Empire Token?

We believe it is not a big amount for Empire and we will be able to arrange these funds with the community’s support.

When will we migrate to a new contract?

The contract migration depends on the fundraiser. As soon as we are done with raising the funds, we will migrate to the new contract. But once we migrate to a new contract then it depends on the decentralized exchanges how long they will take to update to the new contract. It will most likely take up to a week.


Final Talk

Many things are pending, but as soon as we raise the funds needed for the contract migration, other things will follow. ‘Til then, we ask that you believe in us and continue to follow and support the development of our projects. We are optimistic that things will come along great and that we have a bright future ahead of us.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us through our official Telegram group. For updates, follow our Telegram news channel and social media pages. All official links are accessible through our Linktree. Keep Climbing!