Empire Token Migration: FAQs

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After months of preparations, we are thrilled to announce that Empire Token is finally migrating to Ethereum! If you’re a current holder of Empire Token, you may have questions about how to claim your new tokens and what changes to expect. In this post, we will answer some frequently asked questions about the Empire Token migration.

What is the new contract address?

The new contract address is 0x9A2Af0AbB12bee5369B180976Be01E8c80D0e7B6. You may access the blockchain explorer through this link.

How can I claim my new tokens?

You can claim your new tokens by using the Empire Migration Portal, which will be made available to holders. We will share a tutorial on how to use the portal, which will guide you through the claiming process step by step.

How can I claim my new tokens if I use a cold wallet?

You can claim your new tokens using a cold wallet by connecting it to a supported wallet like Metamask and then accessing the Empire Migration Portal to complete the claiming process.


How much time do I have to claim my tokens?

You have one year to claim your tokens through the Empire Migration Portal.


What happens if the tokens aren’t claimed after one year?

If tokens aren’t claimed within one year, they will be used for project development purposes. However, if anyone comes to claim their tokens after the deadline, we will conduct an assessment and determine the appropriate course of action.


Do I need to pay a gas fee for claiming?

Yes, you need to pay a gas fee in ETH (Ethereum) to claim your new tokens.


How much is the gas fee for claiming?

The gas fee for claiming is subject to the Ethereum network’s current gas fees, which can vary based on network congestion.


What’s going to happen to my tokens on centralized exchanges?

If you hold Empire tokens on centralized exchanges, the swap to the new contract will be done automatically by the exchanges. In the event of an exchange delisting, all user-held tokens will be transferred to a wallet of their choice, ensuring they still have access to their tokens.


What’s the swap ratio?

The swap ratio for the migration is 1:1, meaning that you will receive the same amount of tokens as the amount of Empire Token you held on the Binance Smart Chain.


What’s going to happen to the burned tokens from the original contract?

Burned tokens from the original contract will not be burned in the new contract. Instead, they will be used to cover development and operational fees. However, we have introduced a burn mechanism as part of our new tokenomics.


What are the new tokenomics?

The new tokenomics are as follows: 2% burn, 2% reflection, 3% operations, 3% liquidity.


What else has changed in the new contract?

Transfer tax has also been eliminated in the new contract.


Has the new contract been audited?

Yes, the new contract has been audited by CertiK. You may access the audit report at www.certik.com/projects/empiretoken.


Will the liquidity remain unlocked in the new contract?

We will periodically lock the liquidity in the new contract to ensure the stability and security of the project.


We hope that these FAQs have addressed some of the questions you may have had about our contract migration. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our official Telegram group and/or social media channels. Thank you for your continued support of Empire Token!

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