Empire Token Partners with MetaBots

Empire Token Partners with P2E MetaBots NFT Game

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Empire Token partners with MetaBots, a play-to-earn NFT game on the BNB Chain, allowing users to trade MetaBots NFTs on the Empire NFT Marketplace. Consisting of six traits, MetaBots’ boxing robots hold different degrees of rarity and they will be the protagonists of an arena-style game. The development of the game is ongoing, and we can expect to have a first peek at the game’s visuals in Q3 and Q4 of this year, according to their roadmap

The MetaBots collection – What can we expect to see on Empire NFT Marketplace

MetaBots has partnered with the Empire NFT Marketplace in order to provide a better experience for its users. MetaBots is a blockchain-based game that allows players to collect, trade, and battle with digital robots. The partnership will allow users to trade their MetaBots NFTs on the Empire NFT Marketplace.

Empire NFT Marketplace is Empire’s native platform for minting and trading NFTs, and it’s the first marketplace to implement a good service staff totally dedicated to receiving collections from aspiring crypto projects.  MetaBots boxing robots consist of 6 different traits and they will certainly fight each other in what MetaBots foresee to be an incredible P2E arena game. 

MetaBots — An Introduction

MetaBots is an innovative project that combines the Metaverse, NFTs, and the play to earn concept. They are creating a Metaworld where people can create a vast array of different boxing robots. These robots are created using 6 different NFT parts that can be minted or collected in the game. The game will be PvP in an arena-style format. When fighting PvP, you will play for a wager against your opponent. The main goal of this project is to create an environment where players are able to earn a sustainable income through gameplay alone.

The Characters

Empire MetaBots

These robots will be created using 6 individual parts (left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, torso, and head). There will be multiple varieties of each component, meaning there will be a large variety of fighters. There are 5 different metals, 4 different wiring types, 5 manufacturing dates, and 4 parts statuses. This will result in over 24,000 unique parts. 

The differences between robots are not solely cosmetic, MetaBots will make it possible to upgrade the same component of a robot several times which will, in turn, create a variety of different stats. (E.g Tungsten Metal and Silver wiring will produce different stats to that of Tungsten metal and Gold Wiring). Not every difference in a component is visible. Only the various metals will provide the only visible difference. All other varieties are non-visible, but synergies will create a special in-game boost for your robot.

Arena – PVP

In the arena, it will be possible for users to challenge one another in battles. During the initial launch, the project will start with just the underground boxing arena. 

Later on, as the project gets more traffic within the game, MetaBots will release further arenas and launch its first championship. To get started in the arena, players will need a full robot to enter a battle against another player. Within the league menu, you will get a table where you can choose a match. You can create a challenge or join a challenge. When you create a challenge you can select the prize for the winner of the game. The person that joins this challenge needs to match your contribution in order to fill the prize pot and start the fight.


The MetaBots team is totally doxxed and they are focused on creating the future viral P2E game, and Empire NFT Marketplace is making a great contribution to the success of the project. We can only wish them the best in their endeavor inside the Empire Ecosystem.

 Visit the MetaBots website for more information about the game, NFTs, team, and token.

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