Empire Token Website Update: Learn more about the new features

Grow the Empire

A new and improved interface for a better browsing experience, we present to you the brand new Empire Token website.

The new Empire Token website is now live, bringing in massive improvements on usability and user-experience.

Starting from a cleaner interface, the new Empire website is much easier to use, mainly because some key aspects of the visual elements were improved for a faster performance on all devices.

Our website now has a language selection tool. Knowing that Empire will unequivocally grow to reach investors from a diversity of cultures, language barriers must not be a problem now with this update that lets the user choose the language of his or her preference.

Sliders were added to our homepage to provide our visitors easier access to important links and information about the project. It likewise contains an exclusive button to the Empire NFT Marketplace.

You may also view our updated roadmap and a short bio of our founder and CEO, Dulla.

A blog is one more on the list of our current channels where we share important updates to our investors. It is a place to learn about the current state of the Empire ecosystem.

Feel free to explore our new design and please give us your feedback. We’re always taking notes of our holders’ significant suggestions!

Visit www.empiretoken.world and take a look of our brand new website.

Designed with beauty and functionality in mind, the brand new Empire Token website is faster and more attractive than ever!

Keep Climbing!