Empire Token Website

Empire Token’s New Official Website is Live

Grow the Empire

Our team has been working quite hard for the last few months on developing the new Empire Token Official Website, and by using it, you will be able to enjoy the best possible user experience. Let us drive you through the amazing new updates on the website that are going to make you and new potential investors understand Empire better.

Enriched Content

The content-enriched descriptions will aid readers in better understanding Empire Token and its mission and deliver the right intent of the message to the audience. A new modern interface has been inculcated for better readability for the community.

The Empire Ecosystem

The Empire Ecosystem consists of several interconnected DeFi platforms. Unlike other DeFi channels, Empire offers multiple options required to operate in the DeFi space. For instance, if an investor is looking for a portfolio tracker, they can find it right under the Goosebumps page. Likewise, if a visitor wishes to connect a wallet, he or she can find a crypto wallet synchronized with DeFiGram.io and the list of expected options goes on. The Empire Ecosystem is based on our solid use cases. Let’s go through them one by one: 


DeFiGram.io is the all-in-one DeFi solution. It features a built-in wallet, allowing users to store their digital assets such as NFTs, tokens, and cryptocurrencies. For those who prefer using an external wallet, DeFiGram.io also supports other wallets such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet. DeFiGram.io is Empire Token’s flagship project that will let users manage all their DeFi-related activities on a single platform. Currently, the app is being tested by a select group of people and the beta version will be launched soon. Make sure to check out the new website and find out how to be a part of our beta waitlist!

Empire NFT Marketplace

The Empire NFT Marketplace is a great place to mint, buy, and sell NFT collections. Launched a year ago on the BNB Smart Chain as Empire’s first-ever utility, we have recently decided to revamp the marketplace with an improved user interface and experience to align with the pace of the ever-changing DeFi space. Today, the marketplace is also live on both Ethereum and Solana networks, expanding our reach and providing our users with more flexibility in minting and managing their digital collectibles. Inspired by its name, Empire Token’s first official NFT collection is “Emperors of DeFi.” Are you ready to mint one of these enthralling emperors? We’ll be rolling out the collection very soon. 


Empire Token has a decentralized exchange known as Goosebumps, which is powered by a unique portfolio tracking and charting system. Goosebumps Portfolio Tracker is a digital platform that allows users to manage, analyze, and monitor their multiple investments all in one place. Goosebumps helps manage all your DeFi and crypto investments from one place–using a single wallet to sell, buy, swap, track, and earn from your funds. Goosebumps wallets have industry-leading security protocols that make us one of the world’s most secure crypto wallets. 

Empire Career Page

Apart from use cases, we have elaborated our vision statement and redefined its highest standards on a priority basis. The website has a new addition of a “Career Page’’ that provides information about job opportunities available in Empire and vacant positions. Empire ensures collective good and believes in equal opportunity for its DeFi community. The FAQ section provides answers to all your queries. Community management is an important aspect of the Empire token as reflected on our website.

User Usability 

All Empire platforms are interconnected for improved user experience. For convenience, social media icons are available at the end of the web page. You can visit any Empire social media platform with just one click on the icon. The new website is empowered with an easy-to-navigate menu. However, to make things a lot more precise, a search bar is placed on the top-right of the landing page.

Final Talk

Your destination for everything DeFi. Get inspired, get connected, and get geared up. This has been in the works for weeks and the launch is finally here. We are so excited about this website and there could not be a more perfect time to launch it in the coming days. With new features tailored for the community and our potential investors about how we can best help grow together. The new site is designed to be faster than ever, easier to navigate, improved security, and is more user-friendly. 


Keep Climbing!