Exclusive Interview with Empire Token’s CEO Abdullah Ghandour

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Introduction: Doshi team had a meeting with Empire Token

On May 9th, Dulla, the Founder and CEO of Empire Token, was hosted by the Doshi team for a conversation about the Empire Token. The interview took place on Twitter and revealed many of the ideas and convictions that Empire Token has as a project. In this podcast, they talked about fundamental topics such as Empire’s vision and goals and the challenges it had to face in its beginning. Finally, the enormous  Empire Team’s commitment toward its entire community.

The interview lasted almost two hours and was full of astonishing personal stories. Dulla, along with the entire Empire community, had to face several problems and still deliver great results. All this so that today we have the perspective of making Empire a token that stands out from the vast majority and, certainly, working to make it an increasingly valuable and wealthy project.

Here are some of the main topics that Dulla discussed in this podcast. After reading this article,we recommend the community to listen to the podcast. You will be amazed at the incredible Empire projects and plans for the future.

What Challenges did Empire Token face in the Beginning?

When the private sale of Empire Token was launched our Telegram group had only 300 members: “There was a lot of fud. People were asking how a project intended to reach 800 BNB in Market Cap with only 300 members.”. According to the Founder and CEO of Empire Token, there came a time when “it wasn’t to prove me right, but to prove them [haters] wrong.”

However, Empire Token successfully completed its pre-sale in just 12 minutes. The caring and determination that the entire community possessed managed to break through that hurdle. This is the great thing about Empire. Add to this the incredible determination and commitment to keep all the promises: “… by the end of this year, Empire will be listed on five more exchanges,” said Dulla when talking about a goal he had published for the members of the Empire community.

Dulla also talked about the first few months of Empire, when there were still people suspicious of the project’s legitimacy. However, with the launch of Empire NFT Marketplace, the first use-case of Empire Token, that concern turned into confidence. By delivering a fully functional platform with unique features, such as the Empire NFT Launchpad, the project gained the trust of more and more people around the world.

Dulla’s Vision for Empire Token?

When asked about where Dulla envisioned Empire Token, Dulla was not reluctant to state that he sees Empire as a billion-dollar project, delivering high value to people: “If others could do it, why not us?” In fact, we in the Empire community already see incredible solutions being delivered. In less than a year, Empire Token already has a fantastic NFT Marketplace with many brilliant artists and exclusive NFTs, Goosebumps DEX & Portfolio Tracker. Now it is developing an app that will be the Social-Fi game-changer: DeFiGram.io.

The vision we’ve always had of Empire is of a token totally focused on solving everyday life problems through DeFi. Of a project that really cares about its investors and a team that is always engaged to deliver their best. Dulla further recalled that at various times he had to use personal funds to finance the development of Empire use-cases, such as the Empire NFT Marketplace.

In a scenario where many people would sell tokens to afford the project, Empire’s Founder and CEO took a different path to benefit his employees. Dulla refused to sell Empire Tokens and submitted to a personal loan to not affect the token’s health and harm its holders.

Indeed, these nearly two hours of conversation reveal what Empire Token is all about: commitment to delivering valuable solutions and an unbreakable community. Listen now to the full interview, and we promise you won’t regret it! 

Podcast: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1rmGPgNMeyyKN?s=20