Launch your NFT Project: How to Use NFT Launchpad on Empire Marketplace

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Now, with the Empire NFT Launchpad, we made it easy for creators to fair launch NFT collections, allowing, at the same time, to engage their communities to mint NFTs with random rarities and perks. 

In this article, we will talk about our newest add-on to the Empire ecosystem and teach you, future creators, step-by-step on how to create new NFT projects, upload bulk NFT collections, and set up the tokenomics, general info, and roadmap for your project!


  1. Create a Bulk NFT collection with metadata

1.1. First, create a new folder and add all your NFT files to it. 

1.2. Create a new text file and type the following:

“name”: “your nft collection name”,
“description”: “description about your nft”,
“category”: “your nft category”,
“attributes”: [
“skin”: “set your skin name”,
“height”: “set the height of your nft”,
“gender”: “choose the gender of your nft”
“rarities”: “set the rarity of your nft”


1.3. Save the file as “.json” inside the same folder your NFTs are.


1.4. Right-click on the folder you created and compress it into a “.zip” file. Learn how to compress files into a zip folder by watching this one-minute video.


  1. Creating a Project Profile


2.1. Visit and connect your wallet.


2.2. Insert the Name of your project.


2.3. Insert the Banner Image for your project. 


2.4. Write a captivating Project Description.


2.5. Add Social Media Links.


2.6. Upload Whitepaper (.pdf).


2.7. Enter the Team Members’ names and pictures.


2.8. Write a clear and achievable Roadmap. By clicking “Add” you will be able to add roadmap phases.


2.9. Add the Tokenomics details for your NFT project. 


  1. Bulk Uploading your NFTs 


3.1.  Choose your Bulk NFT File we learn to create on step 1 (.zip file)


3.2. Add a Logo 1:1 aspect ratio recommended (square). 


3.3. Choose a Feature Image. This image will show on our homepage, category pages, and other areas of the Marketplace. Image size 600×400 recommended.


3.4. Upload a Banner to appear at the top of your collection page. 1400×400 recommended.


3.5. Set the Name of your NFT Collection.


3.6. Set a floor price for your NFTs. This is the least you will settle when selling an NFT from this collection.


3.7. Choose a Symbol for your NFT collection. We recommend something short and sweet. Up to five letters. Get creative or just minimalist.


3.8. Attach this collection to a Project by using the dropdown menu ‘Project’


3.9. Choose the reflections for your token.


3.9.1. Input the Team Wallet address.


3.9.2. Input the Marketing Wallet address.


3.9.3. Input the Buy Back address and the percentage of buyback.


3.9.4. Choose the Date for launching


3.9.5. List the Rarities of your NFTs separated by commas.


3.9.6. Fill the fields with the Properties/Rarities of your NFTs.


Add new properties and define the possible parameters.


3.9.7. Set your NFT Royalties – that’s how much (percentage) you will get when a user resells your NFT.


3.9.8. Click Create and Confirm the transaction.


Minting an NFT on a Fair Launch Collection


  1. Connect your wallet to the Empire Marketplace.


  1. Head to Launchpad on our top menu.


  1. Browse through Collections, and click on “View Details” to see more info about the chosen collection.


  1. Click on “View Collection”.


  1. Click Mint Now


  1. A message will appear. Don’t close this tab while we’re processing your request. In a few moments, Metamask will open and ask you to confirm the transaction. 


  1. After confirmation, a popup will show saying that you have successfully minted a new NFT. Click the word “here” to see your newly minted NFT.


  1. Wanna sell your NFT right away? Click on List Now and decide either you want to start an auction for that NFT or list it for instant buy. Select the currency you want to receive your sale money in and the price you’re asking for that NFT.


  1. Confirm the transaction on Metamask, and that’s it! Your newly minted NFT is now available for grabs on our Marketplace!

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