Latest Updates on App Development

Grow the Empire

Empire Token has revealed the latest information on the development stages of, which promises to be the only app the DeFi investor will ever need. The project has brought together a large team of professionals, especially programmers of different technical aspirations to produce a “clean and secure product”. Early versions of the app are already being tested and audited internally by select members of the Empire Token team to promote to the app the levels of security required for a financial application. To succeed, the app must pass the inspection of a multidisciplinary technical team looking for security breaches, which are not desired even for the Beta version launch of the app in the third quarter of this year. 

The development of the app has been given a nine-month time frame in which to reach its complete development stage. Other features of the app include market data, analytics, research and articles. These are just some of the features that will be integrated with program such as community management, trend analysis, portfolio management, and DeFi investments which can happen from inside of any project’s chat. 

“Our internal team has been testing the app for security and functionality,” said Dulla, the CEO of Empire Token. “We are developing our apps with a multidisciplinary technical team, which is essential to maintain the highest levels of security.” When asked about the development stage of the application Dulla replied that the app is now going through the first phase of development. 

“Since the announcement of the app, very little time has passed but a lot of work has been put into it.” stated Dulla “We can say that today we already have the discussion and groups part of the app with multi-factor authentication ready to use. Our next step, once we finish the chats, will be to finish and implement our Wallet and Dex inside”

During the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, the founder of Empire Token made the statement that it is essential to always maintain the decentralized nature of the app, so it is critical to the proper functioning of the presence of partners who also work and think in a decentralized way, which is why there are already circulating around the Web3 developer community the partnership deck of, who will be welcome to create and conduct their communities in the app, as well as to integrate technologies that can improve the ecosystem as a whole.

“We’re not trying to compete with anyone. We need to collaborate and work as a team (Web3 developers), only teamwork can achieve progress in building the Web3 we dream of. is all about decentralization and delivering a product with a user experience never seen before. is the future of social finance, combining the best of both worlds – blockchain and social networks.” is an Empire Token initiative aimed at providing DeFi users with a single solution for all their needs. Empire Token currently has over twenty thousand holders and an active community spread around the world. For more information about, the reader can visit, and also ask questions in the official Empire Token group on Telegram.