Empire Token warmly welcomes the SafeMoon Army!

Grow the Empire


Empire Token is a utility token founded by Abdullah Ghandour, otherwise known as “Dulla.” Check out his LinkedIn page here! Launched on the Binance Smart Chain in June 2021, the purpose of Empire Token is to make the lives of DeFi users simpler and easier by providing all their essentials under one roof. By creating unique, easy-to-use, secure dApps, we work hard to realize the dream of turning DeFi mainstream.


Visit our main website at www.empiretoken.world to know more about the project or you can read our whitepaper.


Our Projects & Goals


In a very short time, Empire Token has already launched astonishing products with unique functionalities that make us stand out in the DeFi space. Our unique features are the result of a solid development and total commitment to our users. Take a look into our products released so far:


  • Empire NFT Marketplace: our first release was an NFT Marketplace unlike anything ever seen. Empire NFT Marketplace has multi-chain acceptance, operating on both BSC and Ethereum, with Solana integration coming soon. In the Empire NFT Marketplace, projects have the option to use their own native tokens to mint and trade NFTs.


  • Empire NFT Launchpad: certainly one of the most top-notch products within Empire NFT Marketplace, our NFT Launchpad allows projects and creators not only to mint, sell, and trade NFTs but also create an entire NFT-based ecosystem. Through Empire NFT Launchpad, they can create projects with thousands of NFTs and bulk upload them all at once. In addition, they can design their own micro-economies within their projects by adding the whitepaper, roadmap, tokenomics, reflections, and even lifetime royalties generated from their NFTs sold in the secondary market.


  • Goosebumps DEX & Portfolio Tracker (BETA): combining the best of DEX and Portfolio Tracking, Goosebumps aims not only to be a place to trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies but also serve an all-in-one platform for portfolio management. With multi-wallet acceptance, notifications about major fluctuations in the user’s assets, and the possibility to open up to 8 charts on the same screen, Goosebumps increases the chances of gains and decreases the chances of losses for its users.


Getting Started with Empire Token & How to Buy


Buying Empire Token is really simple, since we are listed on some of the greatest crypto exchanges on the market. You can purchase $EMPIRE on exchanges such as Gate.io, MEXC Global, LBank, Cointiger, XT.com, whiteBIT, and IndaCoin.


You can watch how to buy video tutorials on our YouTube channel.


Likewise, one of the easiest ways to purchase $EMPIRE is through Safemoon Swap. For more information on how to use the platform, check out Safemoon’s how to buy page.


Connect with Us


Empire Token invites you to learn about us and participate in our communities on Telegram, Discord and follow us on our social media channels at Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Medium and Empire.blog. You can find more on https://linktr.ee/empiretoken.


Our Bright Future Ahead


At this very moment, our hardworking team of developers is constantly working on even more outstanding products yet to come to our Empire. Guided by our meticulous market research, our applications are intended to meet the highest demands of the crypto market.


In the next month, we will be sharing our core use case which we believe will make Empire one of the most prestigious projects in DeFi. Make sure to follow our Official Telegram News Channel to keep up-to-date with our latest announcements!


You can also check out the roadmap on our website: https://empiretoken.world/


Getting Listed on SafeMoon Swap


It is really exciting for us to be listed on SafeMoon Swap which certainly is one of the most promising DeFi platforms today. Not only does it make buying Empire Token easier but also paves the way for us to become better known by more people in the DeFi space.


Being one of the OGs on the Binance Smart Chain, Safemoon has proven itself to be a progressive project with a clear vision. Empire considers them as an ally, and we believe that projects like us are what will make this space a better and safer place for all DeFi users.


For anyone looking to get in touch with SafeMoon, you can visit their website, Safemoon Swap, Twitter, or Discord.


Keep Climbing!