What’s the big deal about

Grow the Empire

We’ve been talking about for weeks now; what makes this app so unique? You might think it’s an all-in-one app, but what else do you have? 

Since we’ve already been discussing why having all of your must-have features in one app is advantageous, today we’ll go over every single unique feature of

Our Vision

Empire’s vision is etched in its name: we yearn for the top and are pursuing it by developing secure, market-driven applications.

We’ve made it our mission to create applications that will aid in the growth of projects while also assisting the average user in getting started with DeFi. We can close the gap between investors and good projects in this way, making DeFi a better and safer place for all of its users.

We began with our NFT Marketplace, followed by Goosebumps, our own DEX and Portfolio Tracker. Then, we’re working on, our main use case, which we believe will help shape the space and, ultimately, solve the fragmentation problem in DeFi.


We claim that is the future of DeFi. Users can trade, hold, and track assets on a single platform. They can also interact with other DeFi users and view charts.

The current trading system is fragmented, which is undesirable. It can be difficult to keep track of multiple websites, accounts, and assets. There must be a better way to do everything in one place, which is precisely what proposes!


The Wallet is the new era of keeping track of your crypto assets. It is fulfilled with easy-to-use interface, strong security protocols, and low swapping fees. Wallet is a brand-new way to keep track of your crypto assets. It has the most attractive user interface and the lowest swapping taxes. DeFiGram’ team wants to make it simple for users to create their own cryptocurrency portfolios, track their investments, and manage their funds.

dApp Store

The Empire dApp Store is the way decentralized applications will be distributed in the future. Decentralized apps are a type of app that will compete with centralized apps in the future. In terms of security and privacy, you’ll come out on top. Users will be able to browse through a variety of decentralized applications, follow them, and rate them using our dApp store. 

Our goal is to provide complete privacy control to our users. We also have a built-in, free VPN system on our app to help people gain access to privacy. We want to change the way decentralized applications are distributed by making it simple and secure for users to find and use them.

Community Management is a cryptocurrency trading social network. It provides traders with a platform to share their trades and ideas with the rest of the community, as well as to learn from other traders. is a new social network that allows crypto traders to share their trades and ideas with others in an interactive environment.’s main goal is to build a community where people can learn from one another and make more money together.

Final Talk

At a glance, everything you want to swap, sell, or hold. All of the NFT art you want to make, regardless of whether your goal is to become a billionaire or simply to show off as a hobby. Everything you’ll need to learn, teach, and communicate will be provided. Everything you’d like to keep safe and secure is locked away. It’s all under one roof. Everything belongs to you and your Empire.