Wolverine ($WLV) Business NFT Collection ― Meet the Money-Crazy Animals

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The money-crazy, Wolverines of Wall Street, have just arrived on the Empire in the form of a 27 item collection called “Wolverine Business,” these animals can smell the scent of money from miles away, and they’re ready for grabs on the Empire NFT Marketplace.


Find Business Wolverines of all kinds, from “Swing Trader” to “Shadow Investor”, “Young Money” and “Party Animals,” among others. This collection is full of new and creative NFTs that can make or break companies with their ferocious, insatiable hunger for money.


Take a look now at these Business beasts and learn more about the Wolverine Ecosystem. Click here and take a look at the Wolverine Business Collection on the Empire NFT Marketplace.


About the Wolverine ($WLV) Project


Wolverines exist, and they are some of the most misunderstood creatures in the wild today. Many assume that wolverines are related to dogs or bear, but in fact, it is the largest, and most fearsome, member of the weasel family.


They are also single-minded in the pursuit of their prey, and their territories can span over 600-1000 square kilometers. Although not yet an endangered species, wolverine numbers are declining, especially near human populations. They are shot by huntsmen for sport and fur.


$WLV aims to protect wildlife through our signature token – with benefits to their investors such as minimum taxes, reflections, and consistent marketing to increase the value of $WLV.


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🍷💹 Click here and grab now your own Wolverine from the Newest Business Collection!

🐻🌐 Read more about the Wolverine Project on their Website!

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